Terms and Conditions

  • Every student shall be present at least 15 minutes before the class, not earlier than 30 minutes before the classroom or test to avoid crowding in the premises.
  • Students shall attend the classes regularly and not miss any test. No re-test will be conducted.
  • Student shall maintain classroom decorum and follow proper dress code (Half pant, Sleeveless etc …., not allowed).
  • Students shall set their mobile phones in silent mode while the class is in progress.
  • Student hall have their lunch or snacks only in the pantry area. They shall not chew gum in the class.
  • Children or friends are not allowed into the classroom.
  • Student shall keep the classrooms and the premises clean by not throwing litter.
  • Students shall not record/video-record or take photos of the classes.
  • Students shall not indulge in writing graffiti on the walls/ classroom benches.
  • Student shall not loiter in the corridor or waiting spaces.
  • Students shall not gossip or chat in the classroom while the class is in progress.
  • Students shall, if required, attend special classes on Sundays and holidays to complete the syllabus.
  • Change of class venue or the time-table is the prerogative of the management.
  • Students shall not make a comparative study of material issued by the management and the low-quality study material available on the market.
  • Students shall call office landline—044-42867555 for feedback, clearing up or clarification of a doubt or point.